Thursday, September 23, 2010

When I think of God, I picture a big infinite alien being capable of holding every infinitesimal speck of rotating space dust, every fluctuating quantum state of quasi-particle blinking in and then out and then in, every past, present, and possible future state of every atom of every star of every galaxy in its mind at once, with full and relaxed concentration, simultaneously and forever.

It's monstrous. All I can say is: Thank God It's On America's Side.

And Canada! God doesn't draw these petty distinctions like we do.

On a more serious note, the marginalization-for-life of a human being to a purely domestic function is atrocious, but there's no denying the power of the iconography! The graphic designers knew their work, but how knowing were they at it?

Were they truly the self-aware, sinister architects of the patriarchy? "We must gild the shit deal we have inflicted upon these women, and lionize them for playing the role so well!"

Were they simply being pragmatic? "Somebody's got to cook and clean. Might as well make it seem enjoyable!"

Or did they perhaps, truly respect and uphold the role of housespouse? Is it possible that they were sincere and devout worshippers at the cute wife altar?