Thursday, December 2, 2010

I hate laundry.

I looooove cream soda.

Kids aren't the generation that can change it all! They're just the generation that's going to be told they can change it all, and then 10 years later they'll look down along to the next set of kids and tell them hey, kids. You can change it all.

It's a sort of benevolent hazing ritual.


I just remembered what it was that first led me to stumble across your blog! It was your photography - and specifically, your glittering icicle shots!

I love your love of snow. How can people ever lose the joy of that! Just because they have to shovel it, or drive in it? So what! Adulthood's responsibilities bring far greater blessings than inconveniences. Why lose your joy in something wonderful, just because it carries with it a corresponding chore? Do these snow grinches lose their joy of food just because they have to cook it now?

Criminey Jickets. Of course, I may be the wrong one to offer perspective. I still play with my food to this day.