Saturday, April 30, 2011

You know, I appreciate you trying to warn people away from this scam, but if you're serious about that goal then you should at least tell us what he did to that girl. Now I still have to go through all those steps to find out! Kill it with spoilers next time.

And if it turns out there's no juicy Bieber scandal at all waiting at the end if this scam rainbow, then that ought to have been the FIRST thing you put under "why it's a scam." Because "why it's a scam" in that case would not be oh, malware, hijack etc. - "why it's a scam" would be THERE IS NO "OMG! I Can't believe JUSTIN Bieber did THIS to a girl" at the end of it. I'm making a serious point, here. Is the promised content there or not?

Because if not, then that's the real #1 scam, here. But if that payoff was really there, then all that other clicky survey bunk is just the price paid for prime Bieber dish.

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