Wednesday, May 12, 2010

@Lisa Daria - Kind of! Although, even a pure abstract often does have a "this way up for best effect" I think.

I'll try to desribe it better: Let's say we show two paintings, one pure abstraction, one photorealism, to an alien art critic who has never seen and would never recognize any of the objects depicted. The alien wouldn't even know sky from sea, because its alien world is not set up like that. But this alien is a respected, professional art critic on its own world! It has a great eye (three, actually) for compositional elements, effective use of harmony and dissonance, color contrast, negative space and figure, everything that goes into making a picture look great just as an arrangement of form and color in a frame. Our alien would judge both of these paintings as abstract pieces, and they would fail or succeed not on depiction, but on composition and execution alone.

On some level, I think its important for every painting to succeed on those pure form terms. I like to step back from a picture sometimes, and try to look at it just like that. The way a 3-eyed alien art critic would!

Wow. I have doubts as to whether that was "describing it better."

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