Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well, it's an interesting question. I've not seen the movie, but I did see Watchmen and couldn't help but notice the preponderance of male ass (and other bits) on display - and the trend is definitely on display in other films. Now as a man, I have no problem with that - and as a feminist, I say the ratio has been running the other way for ever, so, perhaps this can be viewed as all part of a simple course correction?

But even if so, something must be causing it. What's causing it?

A very intriguing question indeed, Alissa.

I'll say this: whatever the cause, bully to the directors and filmmakers who put it all right out there, busting taboos as if "no big deal." It wasn't too long ago that a woman could be as naked as "the film called for" for as long as it called for, but if the film called for an onscreen penis, get ready for NC-17! And that's kind of dumb and wrong.

I'll admit, I suffer from some of the same bias. If I go to a movie and it's rated R for (among other things), 'nudity' - if all the nudity in there is male, I feel kind of exploited. But like I said: women have been feeling that for years! Time to step up and take my share, and I don't mind.


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